Thursday, July 10, 2008

this happens, when one's too tired of everything.
and when one feels that his/her rights have been violated.
when whats hers doesnt seem like hers anymore.
and whats not theirs seems like theirs.

its another lesson that i'll be learning.
another life lesson that ill be embarking.
i wish those dear readers well,
till i blogs again, about the good and the bad.

and i hope that time will change everything,
maybe not so much about other's perspective,
but at least my own.
its time for this stagnant little insignificant being to retreat from the blogging world
the love for writing i might possess, but they are other avenues to express my thoughts.

i think before i go, i need to address this issue.
no i didnt do this cos of taggers. im really grateful to all who stood up for me. much love.
but i have to admit, it has affected me in a few aspects of life and confusion has begun to set in.
so before my life gets screwed up further and i get more emotionally and psychologically wounded, i think i would like to live my life in peace right now.
i feel that deciding on how i live my life is kinda like the only thing thats within my control.
so hello to books and goodbye to blogging.
(and till someone learns anti-contradictory skills before spamming others big time.)

words are powerful tools, so i hope i put this across just fine.

so long now.

Signing off,